SMO refers to Social Media Optimization, Promote your website via Social Media Platform like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, Digg etc.

Top 7 SMO Tips to Promote your Business Online

Social Media Marketing

Most of us are aware of the term SEO. There is another term SMO, about which we are going to discuss here. Well basically SMO refers to Social Media Optimization. SMO is a part of Search Engine Optimization, where we use promotion strategies to promote our website via Social Media Platform (Social Networking, Social Bookmarking). Businesses use SMO to promote websites, products and services through social media channels by interacting and networking to generate interest and awareness. SMO is one of the SEO tricks which in itself have quite big potential to promote a website. SMO primarily focuses on generating traffic from sources other than search engines. Today, social media is taking control over internet and that's the reason why it is essential to follow SMO techniques to optimize your websites and promote your business.

Here are top 7 SMO Tips to Promote your Business Online

1. Social Networking :

Facebook is most popular social networking in the world. Needless to say that in the web world the increasing connotation of social networking sites has made their role significant in optimization for the search engines. In order to create a worldwide recognition, you need to build a network. Facebook has the world's biggest network and therefore building a network on Facebook is of utmost importance. Facebook pages are the best SMO tools. A Facebook page should be designed professionally and should depict your aim of website clearly. WDS helps you to maintain your Social page and provides several Facebook Like packages. Your Facebook page can grow viral and there are many SMO tips to do so. This one tip alone will influence your business. Share your website on pages and business groups, which are another Facebook tools to share your websites. WDS provides tones of likes on your page, which are your fans on the giant social profile. Keep them updated and watch your business grow.

2. Social Bookmarking :

Social bookmarking website such as Digg, Reddit and Stumbleupon are one of the most used SMO tools. Make connections with fellow Diggers or Stumblers and invite them to join your network. One of the benefits of using social bookmarking sites is that you get a targeted audience for your website. You can share your website among to those people who share the same mind set and hobbies. WDS India provides these promotion services as well.

3. Micro Blogging :

Twitter is a micro blogging site that can you use to promote your business website. You can use your social Twitter profile to promote your links. Use Twitter for controversial posts, create interesting tweets. Gain more followers by promotion via WDS India. The more followers you have, the more powerful will be your SMO technique. Share your products on Twitter to get more customers.

4. Content Sharing :

Share your content online on content sharing websites. Use Feedburner to allow your visitors to subscribe to your blog, website etc. It's not guaranteed that your visitors will return back to your website in future. Therefore it is advisable to use RSS feeds to allow your subscribers. WDS India provides innovative RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds to effectively distribute dynamic content of the website on the internet.

5. Video Sharing :

Publish video clips on YouTube and other sites where video viewing is high like Dailymotion. This is another best way to optimize websites for social media. People are interested in learning more about products and services via YouTube videos. WDS India promotes your YouTube videos on other Social Networks. WDS provides several YouTube views/likes packages at affordable costs.

6. Quality Content :

Use quality content to attract customers and visitors for promotion. Create articles, establish a blog and promote it on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Digg etc. Installing a blog on your website is necessary. Blogs help your audience to know more about your website and services. WDS India provides many Blog writing packages. Creating blogs is one of the most used SMO tools.

7. Social Metrics :

Get users to comment, rate comments, and interact with other commenters. Comments, subscribes, and shares are all useful metrics for measuring the success of social media tactics.

SMO enables you to drive more traffic, interaction, and conversion while learning about your target audience and capturing tangible metrics to gauge your social media initiatives. WDS India is known in the market for providing excellent Social Media Optimization and Social Bookmarking Services. WDS provides affordable SEO packages for Likes, Followers, Subscribers, Views, Shares etc and Social Media Optimization of your business website. Request a quote today and check out our services. Here at WDS India we guarantee your business to touch the sky !

Author : Devesh Chauhan

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