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Hire Wordpress Developer

WordPress is a CMS based on PHP and MySQL. It has many functions along with a plug-in structure and a design program. WordPress is currently the most well-known blog program in use on the Web.

Why WDS India?

Our customers get sufficient results as well as our WordPress Development has been implemented by SEO organizations, marketing and content posting organizations. We have been using WordPress expansively both from a small blog writing sites to a bigger multitude sites. Our knowledgeable and professional WordPress Developer have developed several customized addons by taking benefits of its extensible characteristics. We have also developed some public networking services where customers can link with each other. WordPress Developers from WDS India does not only build a website, but well improve them for best SEO result.

Why Choose our WordPress Developer?

  • Over three years' experience in web development in WordPress.
  • Modify current WordPress layouts to add new content, plug-ins, and style elements.
  • Installation and setup of WordPress
  • Coding customized WordPress layouts from Photoshop PSD data files and have the template look exactly like the design.
  • Coding to W3C conformity requirements to the level reasonable.
  • Create customized HTML/CSS fixed web pages.
  • Maintain current WordPress and fixed websites with primary changes and enhancements.
  • Basic capabilities in Illustrator and Photoshop to cut up art and improve it for websites.
  • Examining and confirmation of websites to be cross web browser suitable and iPad and iPhone ready.
  • Custom PHP and JavaScript for basic site performance.
  • High dependency on performance, scalability and sturdiness of the application.
  • Ability to calculate effort, hit work deadlines and conference customer responsibilities.
  • Complete SDLC agile technique with to-the-point creating of WBS, SOW, PTC, Wireframes and other relevant certification needed for the information collecting and project analysis.
  • Wordpress Project Planners and supervisors are enthusiastic about developing high-quality techniques with best software execution methods while leading a group of developers.
  • Powerful verbal and written interaction abilities and able to communicate effectively in a group environment.

To hire WordPress Developer we will choose the best applicant to match your venture specifications. Once the developer is hired, we will deliver out the SLA for evaluation and signatures and thus your devoted developer will be prepared to perform for you. You can connect with your allocated developer through e-mail, Skype or mobile to remain notified at each phase.