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In today's dynamic and evolving business scenario, Companies are constantly improving ways in which they work. Outsourcing is one of the strategies which is adopted by most of the companies now a days.

E-Book Data Entry services is a process in which any form of physical data, hand-written, printed or digitally scattered, is converted into an Electronic Book - making it more interactive and many times portable . It also allows writers and readers to convert their E-Books to desired digital formats, VIZ, eBooks, eBrochures, eJournals, eZines, etc.

WDS India uses latest technology to provide e-book data entry services to all the organizations around the globe. In outsourcing book data entry servicesw we ensure that you get better service at affordable price.

Systemized eBook Data Entry

outsourcing e-book data entry services does not mean lower standards of visual aesthetics, or lesser publishing reach. In fact, WDS India take excessive care of all your design specifications like page layouts, page indentations, chapter configurations, cover designs, titles and citations, fonts and sizes, color choices, etc.

our ebook data entry lays special focus on making your eBooks circulate better and reach out to higher audiences. Breaking it down to key facts, certain aspects of ebook data entry outsourcing like simpler online access, better exchange of learning and information and zero shelf space enable you to achieve a higher publishing expence.

The benefits of outsourcing book data entry services with WDS India

  • WDS India extends very comprehensive ebook data entry solutions to its clients - appropriating the delivery, design and output requirements and updating project standings all the way.
  • Procedures of WDS India confirm the accuracy, reliability and functionality of your projects.
  • With constant reiteration and our decade-long acquired wisdom, we have accustomed ourselves to achieve a turn-around-time of not more than 24 hours, and a customary 50-60 percent decline in service costs.
  • Implicit leaders for e-book data entry, Invensis furnishes electronic books that can be conveniently accessed anytime, anywhere - on desktops, laptops, notebooks, palmtops, tablets or any other compatible devices.
  • Considering how much of an impact lost data can have on your businesses, Invensis has championed itself at e-book data entry services and follows a strict code of confidentiality.