Every Website Design should be Unique and no one size fits all.

Custom Web Designing Services

WDS India works closely with its clients to decide proper custom color scheme, layout and design that reflects your business the way you want it to. From executive web design to creative web design, we customize designing of your website so that it appeals to you and your target audience. We build user friendly, browser and screen resolution compatible, W3C compliant websites, which are fast, cost effective, accessible, and will represent your identity on the web in the best professional way.

Our Custom web designs offer indispensable web recognition for an online business. It employs collaborative efforts of both the designers and the client in an effort to achieve online success.

Our Professional Web Designers Make Custom Designs That Have:

  • A logo and color combination that is unique only to your business
  • True representation of company offers/products/services
  • Excellent use of graphic elements to express your message
  • High flexibility to include the latest technologies and functionalities
  • Comprehensive Information hierarchy
  • Faster Loading Speed & Smooth User-Friendly Navigation

To develop a custom web design for our client, we had an initial document which helps us understand our customer's expectation of the professional web site design. The questionnaire covers some of the following aspects

  • The purpose of the website.
  • The industry that the professional website design is required for
  • Understanding the Target Audience of who is going to be looking at the Website
  • Understanding the need to adapt existing branding material, if any.
  • Competitor e-commerce web site design references
  • Non-competitor e-commerce website design elements
  • Colors aspirations for while designing the website
  • Content relevance to the professional web design process
  • Functionalities that need to be built within the e-commerce website designs