Embarrassed by your website's generic look? Need just not a design but a corporate website? We know the difference between a Corporate web design and a normal web design.

Corporate Website Designing

WDS India is a Corporate website designing company that specializes in the best cutting edge Corporate website solutions with original style, dynamic multimedia animation, content management systems, search engine marketing and robust database applications.

WDS India Corporate web design company delivers top multimedia web design solutions all over the world. We design, deploy and manage websites of the highest custom quality for forward-thinking Corporate and small business clients that demand a return on their internet solutions investment.

Creating an effective corporate website requires technological know-how, industry knowledge and a good deal of expertise. With over three years' experience in building successful corporate websites for companies in the technology and high-tech electronics industries, Freshleaf has the skills you need.

Other website design agencies have experience in building corporate websites. And other agencies may have knowledge of the technology industry. But it is our unique combination of expertise, relevant experience and extremely high standards which makes Freshleaf Media the right choice for your corporate website.

Corporate Business Website Designs demand a comprehensively well laid out study of the existing business trends and preparing a list of the expectations from the new website. It's a time consuming process of meticulous classification of the target audience alongside their preference and the character of the website within the present business model.

Our Corporate Websites

  • are designed following careful consultation to ensure that all requirements are met, both in terms of design preferences and functional requirements.
  • benefit from our experience in tailoring design, structure and content to the corporate website's specific audience demographics.
  • are developed to the very highest standards using current best practice, in standards compliant PHP, HTML and CSS.
  • conform to the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) and Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) requirements and meet Double A (AA) accessibility standards as a minimum.
  • are specifically developed for optimum search engine placement based on keywords chosen by the client.
  • are subject to rigorous quality control standards.